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Some of my story…

I wrote this yesterday, but then I took it down. I was kind of lost in memories and feelings, and I don’t have much of a filter when that happens. I just talk and write honestly, and sometimes I say … Continue reading

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Part of the journey.

I’ve kind of made a mess of this semester – no, this year. That’s not to say that good things haven’t happened, because they have. Really good things! But I think that has a lot more to do with God … Continue reading

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Love, Doctrine, and “The Laramie Project.”

I’ve been following a very interesting facebook discussion today about this blog: “The ‘Heresy’ of Failing to Love” I put in my two cents, but I know that although I love reading deep theological discussions, they’re not really my style when … Continue reading

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I was thinking today, and this came to mind. It seemed like a good time to post it. I really struggle with seeing things in black and white, I have a hard time seeing anything in between. When I’m doing … Continue reading

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And this is what I mean when I call my posts “ramblings.”

Marveling again at how good God is. So many times I’ve run and turned away, but He always brings me back. He never gives up on me. I went to Oasis on Wednesday night, and it was just amazing. You … Continue reading

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I had one of those moments of clarity tonight, where it just hit me that I’m just like anyone else – no different, no less, but equal and part of the group. One of those moments where I get a … Continue reading

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