Love vs. Care

Just a quick little thing I was thinking about today.

I realized that for me, the word “care” is a stronger word than “love.” That struck me as kind of weird at first, but when I thought about it more, it made sense.

The word “love” was thrown around quite a bit in my family growing up. My mom and dad said they loved us at night when we went to bed, when we went to school in the morning, when dad left for work…but when their actions stopped matching up to the word, it kind of lost its meaning. “I love you” became empty words, just something to say.

On the other hand, “care” was also a word that was thrown around a lot, but it was usually preceded by the word “don’t.” As in, I’m trying to tell one of my brothers something and they interrupt me saying, “Yeah, I really don’t care.” I’m not by any means putting this just on my parents and my brothers, it’s something all of us do, me included. I’ve said that same phrase back to my brothers countless times. But the point is, in that case…the actions did match up with the words.

So now, when someone says that they care about me, that’s meaningful to me. To me, that means that they want to be involved in my life in some way. It means that I’m important to them. Valued. I’m worth something to them. And that means a lot.

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